Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday

Travelling with junior

Plan ahead.  Look out for the best deals that suit your family’s needs. This will save time and frustration. Unless you are driving, it is always advisable to book your accommodation convenient enough to head back to the hotel in case  of contingencies and afternoon naps.

Slow Down.  Be realistic about how much you can accomplish during the trip. Be sure to put aside time for naps and play.

Be Prepared. Must-bring” are medicine kit. Don’t forget a thermometer, medication for fever, stomach-ache, flu and cough.  If your kid tends to constipate, bring a laxative. Plaster is a must for every trip.

Insurance. Get trip insurance for your trip.  Travel with a peace of mind.

Pack it in.  Always bring a extra set of clothes in the cabin bag, in case your baggage get mixed up or delayed or junior messes up his / her clothes during the flight. Bring along a kit to keep them entertainment during the flight. These could include activity book, new toy, etc.

Relax and Enjoy.

Tips to Relieve Ear Pressure During Take-Off and Landing

Equalizing Ear Pressure in children

Offer a bottle, pacifier or lollipop, or his/ her favorite biscuit during taking-off and landing. This is to encourage swallowing that would open the passage inside the ears to equalize the pressure.

Discourage reading and coloring. Travel games and looking out of the window are better diversions.

If your child is prone to motion sickness, do seek your doctor’s advice about preventive medicine.


Travelling with Kids - What to Bring 

For parents travelling with kids for the first time, packing for the trip can be pretty unnerving. We came across a blog where daddy blogger, Kelvin Ang) from Cheekie Monkie shared his checklist of what to bring when travelling with kids. We thought his post will be useful for our readers. This is the link to his post. Hope you'll find it useful!

What To Pack Into Your Medical Kit

This is a checklist of the items to pack in your medical kit.

The list is not exhaustive and serves as a rough guide. If you notice any items that we missed out, do drop us note.

-       Paracetamol / Panadol

-       Flu medicine

-       Cough syrup

-       Mild laxative

-       Medicine for diarrhoea

-       Thermometer

-       Plaster

-       Ru Yi Oil (for wind in stomach)

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