Staff at My Little Traveller is super helpful and willing to share all the handy tips and experience re: bringing my little one for her first holiday! She helped me gotten all the necessities needed for the winter holiday fo my baby girl, from head to toe, like as if she was looking for clothes for her own baby! She doesn't over-recommend too! Even explained that 2 outer jackets are sufficient, no need to take 3! Really honest service and gives superb advices! Super highly recommended! 

Ms Tay Hui San (Jan 2017) 

Although I was only able to rent a pair of waterproof boots* and a child locator from My Little Traveller, my 6 year old daughter found them very warm and was not bothered at all by the -15 degrees Celcius temperature in South Korea.  She played in the really thick snow with no problems whatsoever.  The child locator was also very handy whenever we went to shopping centers and crowded areas.  Even though we may keep in an eye on our children at all times, having the child locator gives us an extra sense of security just in case our child slips out of our sight for a split second.  My daughter became actually careful to be within my sight as she found it quite embarrassing whenever I had to use the locator to find her!!  So actually the locator became a deterrent for her to wander around!!  :-)  The owner was most helpful and patient in finding the most suitable size for my daughter.  I would definitely refer her services to all my friends who has small kids who are planning to go to cold areas!!

Ms Lisa Wong (Dec 2012) 
* Ms Lisa rented a pair of Columbia winter boots for her daughter on her holiday trip to South Korea.

My experience with My Little Traveller was surprisingly pleasant from the start. The service was prompt and professional. The owner provided good knowledge and advice. She was not pushy but helpful. She readily extended trust and help when I needed the winter wear for my infant son urgently.The clothes were clean and of good quality.

I will definitely recommend My Little Traveller to parents who travel with young children. They can rely on My Little Traveller for a pleasant and anxiety-free vacation. 

Ms Jeanne Pang (Nov 2012)

I was very pleased with the rental. Most importantly, your tips and advice really helped. My son was delighted with the jackets. So yes, definitely a recommendation from me! 

Mr Jonathan Mok (June 2012)

I was looking on the Internet for a travel bottle steriliser for my 6 days trip to Cambodia with my 8 month old baby when I stumbled upon My Little Traveller. I was excited when I came across your website as it offers me the perfect solution and I don't have to worry about having to store one more item in my house. The bottle steriliser was clean and in good working condition. Thank you for the great and friendly service! 

Ms Rose R. (May 2012)

I was traveling with my 2-year-old boy to Perth on his maiden trip. Traveling with a toddler for the first time, I wanted to be prepared for our trip. I was very happy when I stumbled upon My Little Traveller and found out about the services provided. I rented two jackets, two pants and a scarf for my boy. This meant that I did not need to worry about buying and storing them after my trip. It was also awesome when I realised that I did not have to dry clean the clothing before and after I used them*. Thank you for this wonderful service. And also thank you for all the tips and advices you've shared with us. 

Ms Wendy Sim (April 2012)

*(My Little Traveller would take care of the cleaning of the winter wear)

Thanks for the great service and advice that u have provided on top of the reasonable rental prices. The excellent and clean condition of the winter clothes and accessories also makes me, as any mum would, feel more at ease. Would definitely recommend My Little Traveller to others! 

Ms Fiona Sim (April 2012)

I was really tied up with work prior to my recent trip to Korea. Hadn't had time to look around for cold wear for my toddler boy. Really appreciative of My Little Traveller for accommodating to my last minute request to view and rent the cold wear just 2 days prior to my trip! Great service! Cheers! 

- Mrs Joanna Wong (Feb 2012)

My two sons are very active. 

We were at the verge of buying a child leash for our boys for our recent Hong Kong trip, having heard so many stories about children being lost overseas. Thankfully we chanced upon this website and rented a child locator at very reasonable price.  We had nearly lost my elder son in Disney Hong Kong and with the child locator, we managed to track his location down quite quickly. Even my in-laws who were with us on the trip was impressed by this mini gadget. 

-  Lim family (Dec 2011)

To be frank, I had initial reservations on renting stuff for my two children. From parenting forum, I had the impression that rental products (generally) may not be clean. Gosh, I must say that my husband and I were really surprised to see your products, especially coldwear in very good condition. Kudos to My Little Traveller

- Mdm Selina Tan (Dec 2011)

Thank you so much for offering rental service for kids. We brought our two kids to Sydney in August 2011 when it was towards the tail end of winter season. We weren't sure of the temperature and how our children will take to the weather. Your rental service allowed us to have a few extra coldwear on standby and we did not have to spend a bomb on winter clothes that might ultimately not be used at all. The extra money saved allowed us to spend on better lodging instead. Thanks, My Little Traveller. Keep up your good service. 

- Mr and Mrs Eddie Koh (August 2011)

Reliable and efficient service. Your products are very new and well-maintained. I will definitely recommend your website to my fellow mummies friends. 

- Stephanie Ong, mother of Rachael Wong (July 2011)

I visited my hubby who was out-stationed in Hong Kong, along with my 9 month old baby . I had concerns over using sterilising tablets to sterilise my bb's milk bottles and being only a 6-days trip, it didn't make sense for me to buy a new travel steriliser. I was elated when I came across your website, and you have enabled me to rent the travel steriliser for my trip.  

- Jenny Wong (July 2011)

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