How do I rent?
Step 1 : Note down the Product Code of the items you are interested to rent.


Step 2 : Click on "Place Order Online" tab to enquire on the products that you are interested to rent. You will need to provide us with the travel period. If you would like to take a look at the products before renting, please indicate your preferred time-slot.

Step 3 : We will reply you via phone, email or sms (@ +65 8626-1726) within 24 hours on the availability and to confirm the time for viewing, where applicable. We are located at StorHub @ Toa Payoh Central (near Toa Payoh Public Library). 


Step 4 : 

(a)  If you do not require viewing -  we will arrange for pick up of the products that you have indicated interest in. All rental and deposit are cash on delivery. 

(b) If you require viewing - you can confirm the products that you are interested to rent during the meet-up, place a deposit to reserve the product and arrange for pick up of items 2-3 days prior to your departure. 

Step 5 : After your trip,  please return us the products in good condition. We will refund the deposit in full to you upon return of the products.


Is there a deposit, and if so, how much is it?
Yes. A deposit of $100 (in cash) is required for every rental order.  

Security deposit is on top of rental fees to be made. You can drop us an email on the items that you are interested in and we will advise you further on the security deposit.  


Can my kid try out the winter clothes before renting? 
Yes, of course! You are welcome to try out the winter clothes before renting. Please indicate your preferred time-slots at the "Place Order Online". We will contact you via email, sms or phone to arrange for an appointment. We are located at Toa Payoh Storhub, @ 
Toa Payoh Central (near Toa Payoh Public Library). 


How is the 1 week rental period calculated?
The 1 week period is calculated based on 7 calender days. We will reserve the items for your collection 2-3 days before  your departure date. Please return the products within 3 days after your arrival in Singapore. 



What happens if I am late in returning the items? 
We would appreciate it if you could return the items within the stipulated timeline. This is because there could be other families planning for overseas trips after you and who may be interested in the products that you have rented. 

We will send you an email or drop you an sms 3 days past the due date as a friendly reminder. Additional rental charges may apply for late return of items. 



What if my trip is cancelled?

There is no cancellation charges prior to delivery of products. However, should you decide not to rent after delivery / pick up of items prior to your trip, there will be a 50% rental charge. 



Do you deliver? 

We are able to courier to anywhere within mainland Singapore. A transport fee of $10 per way applies.



Can I rent your products for a few days instead of 1 week?

No. Our minimum rental product is 1 week (i.e. 7 calender days).



Can I rent your products for longer than 1 week?

Yes. Please let us know the items and dates that you are interested to rent. We can discuss further.



Are your products clean?

As parents ourselves, we are deeply concerned about the hygiene of our products. Rest assured. All of our items are carefully sterilised and we subject ourselves to high standard of hygieneAll products are sterilised and cleaned after each usage. 


More questions? 

Please email us at mylittletraveller@gmail.com, or text your enquiry to 8626-1726 (SMS only). We will make every effort to respond within one business day.  


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