About Us

We are an online store that specialise in rental of travel products in Singapore. We rent children winter wear which includes good quality winter jackets, fleece apparels, scarves, gloves, winter boots, etc. 

In addition, we also provide weekly rental of travel steriliser to parents travelling with infants/young toddlers. Other products offered in this store includes portable seats, portable DVD players, etc.

The idea behind this store stems from our intention of enabling more families to enjoy the joy of traveling without having to fork out unnecessary cost. 


Happy surfing the website. We hope you will find something that suits your needs.


Last but not least, we are continually looking to enhance the product offering in our website so as to benefit more  families. As such, do drop us an note at mylittletraveller@gmail.com if there are items that you are looking for but could not locate on our website. We would love to hear from you.

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